Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square

Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square

Elon Musk new owner of Twitter

Social media corporations have mentioned the general public metropolis squares that their structures have become, but how would probably a change in ownership alternate the talk of the town and what duty do the organizations convey as carrier companies? now with extra alexis little or no obligation, at the least at this point, the way the contemporary laws are. So let’s talk approximately that tweet that surely ignited this conversation. This is what i am taking a observe is elon musk tweet. Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square

That said this, given that twitter serves as the de facto public town square failing to adhere to to free speech, principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done here so i’ve been exploring if twitter could be legally required to adhere to those principles and stop? Let’S say moderating speech, some people would say: stop a censoring speech. A lot of people like to phrase it that way, but the prevailing answer here is no uh. That only governments, of course, are the ones that are banned from curtailing spree.

Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square

Uh lawful communication, lawful speech – that is so, as the first amendment says, that many of you know by heart. Uh congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech that is extended by the 14th amendment, also to local governments, not just the federal government. So musk is talking here about the supreme court’s holding in what is called the public square, think about sidewalks think about parks. Think about the public town hall. That is where speech actually is protected.


So the question here is: is twitter, the equivalent of the public square uh and the socially distinct thing about social media is some attorneys say: is that they’re just merely organizing information they’re, not the public town square, but still that can be really unsettling because you have To consider that a private company, for example, couldn’t necessarily carve out a place on the sidewalk, i can’t go to times square as a company or an individual and start limiting what people say. So that doesn’t necessarily sit right with a lot of people that you know. As broadly as twitter is used that they can go in and amend the speech now, elon musk might have very different uh plans for the social media company and, as he put it, he said by free speech in a tweet this week. I simply mean that which matches the law so still a lot of gray area and things to be sorted out here and certainly congress could make changes in this area and fascinating watching elon on twitter shift from far right. Is he center and now says? Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square


I’M no fan of the far right. The far left hates everyone he’s entertaining. Let’S just leave it at that alexis keenan good to see you have a good weekend. Rochelle, i mean i think elon is really putting everyone in a very interesting position because he’s saying look, i don’t support one end or the other of a political spectrum. I want you know completely free speech but as alexis was saying there, so where does that end?


Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square

What type of photographs or content should be allowed, and if it is going by using the law i imply, are we speaking federal regulation? Are we speaking like state through state? It depends if you’re once you’re a non-public agency. What does that mean? Because, yes, you can shout whatever you need technically in a public rectangular, but you’re not free of effects, so it definitely comes down to who those outcomes then fall at the content, creators or the platform itself.

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You realize the thrilling factor too, is that everyone who signs and symptoms up for a platform like twitter or fb or snapchat any social media organization? You also are signing on to stick to the phrases and situations of that platform, and so in which the platform themselves. Also, yes, are adhering to federal regulation within that you, as a consumer, are adhering to platform felony necessities as properly to disclose what’s accepted and what isn’t approved in a platform. The two stuff you’re hearing from analysts in this area is one which if he does permit those a long way proper, intense voices returned onto the platform, it is simply going to be horrible for the commercial enterprise model of the inventory. It’S going to assist meta it’s going to assist snap.


It’S going to assist all the different men, due to the fact the excessive profile advertisers are going to escape the twitter space it’ll be exciting. What he prioritizes freedom of speech in his words or virtually paying again a loan that some aren’t sure he might be able to. And the principle growing in the final couple of days, as i’m positive you’ve seen is, will he honestly observe through and buy this? The increasingly you hear the estimates are, i think, he’s gon na discover a manner to get himself out of this deal should hassle him that each day he opens up the app save, and i recognise he does due to the fact he tweets it out – occasionally the range One app on the app keep is it’s actual, truth, social, it remains truth, social and the previous day, trump in the end announced his presence on there saying i am lower back covfefe. I don’t know in case you take into account espresso, one in all his well-known typos on twitter, so it will be exciting to look how that competition develops. Why Elon Musk can’t really make Twitter a true public square


As you may see, the numbers reality, social nevertheless, very, very small and maximum provide it more than one months at nice yeah, a contention that during soccer is like watching the network university in philadelphia cross up towards penn kingdom. So it is that as of right now, but, there are nonetheless a few litigations that truth, social has been working via as nicely, so we’ll see at the prison front if the quit product is clearly capable of nevertheless preserve directly to the mild of day. As of this point in time too, or even while you speak about cash and twitter, while you even mention how a long way ahead, perhaps tweet social might be with its returned, you have them twitter, trying to determine out in terms of monetizing. There have been some deleted tweets approximately. Will it be related to perhaps task cuts for executives?


Will it be perhaps putting off the price of twitter blue? The subscription carrier so nonetheless loads of speculation, and that i experience like elon musk, is simply sort of sitting lower back and sort of tossing that suit and letting the whole lot just like be on fire and just sort of stick where it all ends. He sold 8 and a 1/2 billion in stocks uh nowadays and he can get out of this deal for a thousand million. So it is going to be interesting.

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