UpBright 2-Prong 29V AC/DC Adapter Compatible with CL2902-A KDDY008A KDYJT006 Okin Recliner Lift Chair PD12 65444 Tranquil Ease IVP2900-2000 Raffel Limoss MRP75894 FS2900-2000 ZBHWX-A2900020-A Charger

Price: $20.45
(as of Mar 25,2023 13:25:25 UTC – Details)

UpBright NEW Global 2-Prong AC / DC Adapter For Model No.CL2902-A CL2902-1 CL2902A CL29021 CL2902-B CL2902B CL2902-1 CL29021 Changzhou Mulin Electric Equipment Co. Ltd KDDY008A Limoss MRP75894 MC-160 500565 ZB-B1800 Southern Motion FS2900-2000 Lift Chair Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU (With 2-Prong / 2-Pin Connector. Please Check For Compatibility With Your Unit. Thanks.) CECCCROHS 100-240
UpBright New Global 29V 2A AC / DC Adapter Compatible with Model No CL2902-A CL2902-1 CL2902A CL29021 CL2902-B CL2902B CL2902-1 CL29021 Changzhou Mulin Electric Equipment Co. Ltd KDDY008A Limoss MC-160 500565 ZB-B1800 DC28V DC29V 2000mA 28VDC – 29VDC 28V – 29.0V 29.5V Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU (With 2 Prong Connector.)
Compatible with Okin Recliner Chair Sofa Transformer PD12 65444; BetaDrive BS1 Beta Drive Fauteuil DE Relaxation ET Autres; 3R2762 Linear Actuator Motor Power Recliners; Model No SP-SW-2-0-1-01-20 PO07-0805RSC7440711; Okin Refined-R Model JLDQ-5A JLDQ.5.330.165 JLDQ.5.263.74 24V 40W Motor Lift; Okin SP2-B2 PD18 Golden Technologies Traditional Oxford; Tranquil Ease IVP2900-2000 P/N: SPS-2A29V-01-CAT 29V 2.0A Raffel Systems Switching Power Supply
Compatible with Limoss MRP75894 MRP 75894 Wireless Rechargeable Furniture Battery Pack MC AKKU AKKU-PACK; Model ZBHWX-A2900020-A ZBHWX-A2900020-B ShenZhen Heweixing Technology co, Ltd ZBHWX-A290020-A ZBHWXA2900020A ZBHWX-A290020-B ZBHWXA2900020B ZBHWX-A2900020A ZBHWX-A2900020B Class 2 Power Unit Power Supply;
Compatible with KD Linear Actuator KDDY008A KDYJT006 KDYJT006-20 KDYJT003 KDYJT003-22 KDDY001B Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Co.,Ltd. Recliner Lift Chair Sofa Motor; Pride Mobility LC-470 LC-470S LC470S/M LC-570 LC570L LL-570 LC570L Lift Chair Recliner; Pride Mobility LC-250 CL-30 LC-30 CL30 LC30 LC250 Lift Chair Recliner 29 Volt; Pride Mobility LC-421 LC-550 LC550 LC421 Lift Chair Recliner; Pride Mobility LC-450 LL-450 LL450 LC450 Lift Chair Recliner; Berkline PN# RM260291;
Compatible with Macy Transformer Box Macy’s Recliner Macys Recline Electric Power Reclining Chair; Pulaski Powered Electric Recliner Chair; Kaidi Limoss Okin Ashley Li-ion Battery Pack KDDY022 Motion Furniture; Raffel Systems Tranquil Ease P/N: SPS-2A29VDC-BU IVP29002000; Tranquil Ease Raffel Systems Model: SW-0209 Part: SW-2621 SW0209 SW2621; Lift Chair Electric Power Recliner LAZY BOY PD13 Phoenix Mecano; Victory Electronics ML8-002 ML8002 Chair Lift Motor Actuator Power Supply;
Compatible with Okin 532533.00 Power Recliner Lift Chair Transformer D-51645 30021001000 53253300 Okin PD13 PD 13 65447 Sofa Class 2 Transformer Golden Technologies Power Supply; World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection). Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty.

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