Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

Get More Traffic To Your Website by exploding your content all over the internet!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to Get Free Traffic on Autopilot to your website.

Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

Best Free Traffic Sources to get visitors on Autopilot


I remember when I started my website. My main concern was getting visits. How do I get more hits Since you are watching this video? I think you have the same problem. You need more traffic to your website.

That is why, in this video, I will give you this ROM. I created this with the click of a button. Look what happened Just go to your browser and open your website.

Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

om You open it and press this button see, And you can see now I get about 270,000 visits every month. This is how the hits bomber is. If you want to get this remote, follow along with me, Hi everyone, I’m Hassan from H-educate, And what makes me really happy. I get a lot of emails almost every week on instagram on telegram People who share their success stories with me, How my videos help them get more traffic, Get more sales and build a successful online business. I hope you will be the next person to send me.

Let’S say we have this article here, “ Affiliate Marketing Tutorial”. I want to get more visits to this post, So what I do is I blow up and spread this article all over the internet Everywhere, So I can have more awareness And more visits simply So. How do we do it? Let’S start with the first step. The first step is to go to tumblr Com, If you don’t know tumblr it’s a social platform, But it is somehow popular in Canada, USA and top level countries.

If you go to analyze visits using simiarweb

Tumblr Extension, You will see that we have about 300 million visits per month. You can see the top countries, which are Canada, Australia, Germany, the United States, etc. This is where you can share your posts, So you have to register here and share your post. Let’S sign in to my account, because I have one: If you don’t have one just sign up, You can see. This is my platform, And the cool thing about tumblr is that it allows you to create a blog inside tumblr And you can see very easily just go here and add a link, Add a picture and add text.

It’S like any other social platform. Just share your articles on tumblr and add hashtags and so on. Of course, tumblr requires a dedicated video, But take notes now go learn. Tumblr Create an account and grow your tumblr profile. While you are growing your website, You can get a lot of high-quality traffic from tumblr Step number two Go to reddit.


om On reddit, we’ll do two basic things. We will be joining the subreddits And a special subreddit. So let’s get started and create a subreddit Just go to your account after registering as well and click Create Community. Now you need to enter a name for the community. As you know, we are in the eighth part of the Internet Business Series Where we build an entire online business from scratch.

Let’S get to at least $ 2,000 a month. If you are not following, you can check the playlist from the beginning, So my website is The website I am building is now with you in this new online business. So it is about email, validation and email marketing.

So I’m going to go here and create a subreddit about email, validation, I’ll call it “ email validation” that simple, But the problem is that this name is taken. So let’s call it Email Verification. This community is open to everyone and anyone can join and interact with. You. Click Create Community, Very Wonderful, So we now have a subreddit Integrated inside reddit.

So every time you post an article, you can simply share it on reddit. Simply click here Create Post. Then you can add a link Just copy the link address, copy, the link, address and paste. The url then spread it, And now we have our reddit post too. The cool thing about reddit is that it shows up on search engines too Many searches, people on reddit. Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

So we have such a search engine inside reddit, So this is the first step, Create a community and, of course, add some codes and improve it. Do some research on it and start growing this subreddit, as well with your blog. The second step in reddit is to go back and search for communities and subreddit related to your niche. Let’S say: email marketing related to my specialty Now, in your case, just go and find something related to your specialty, Now go to the communities And you will find many communities like this one. You have already joined, Start Content, Marketing for Startups And go and start joining.

These subreddits, so you can interact with people, Interact, publish and create posts within these subreddits. Let’S also get traffic from reddit By the way reddit receives about 1 6 billion visits every month And you can see the high quality of visits from the US UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. So reddit is also another treasure to get traffic from Step, three close reddit and open In quora. We will basically do three things.


The first thing is to create a space for quora. We can see here, “ Create space” click on it. A space is like a group, a community or a place that is private to you within a quora, Where you can publish articles, publications and post your links. Whatever you want, it’s your own space, I’ll call it email, validation. Ok, Then we can add a brief description Like “.

It’S all about email, validation” As an example now and click Create, And now we have such a page inside the quora of our blog I’ll skip. Now – And you can now see we have this email verification space, You can add logo banners, everything You can add contributors, You are in charge and by the way, quora allows you to make money. If you have space quora. Maybe I can mention this in a dedicated video. You can monetize your quora space, But anyway, here you can simply go and post Just add a question or post just describe the post like this as an example Like this and type “, Learn more here” and add the link.

Of course. This is an example. Now Don’t just copy and paste, I’m just sharing the idea with you Write a small paragraph and share your article here and publish it. Then you can start getting traffic too from your quora space Go and do some research also on quora Spaces And by the way, I have a full video here about quora secrets to get traffic. How did I get over 300,000 views on quora in a few months? Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

The video can be checked in the description below The second step within quora is to search for questions related to your article. So here I have posted an article on my website about email validation, So go here and search for email. Validation like like this And you’ll, find a lot of people talking about email validation. This way, you can have some content ideas to write about later answer people’s questions and share your articles within quora And get visits from quora. Believe me, quora is one of the best places to push your website And start getting some hits and more visitors to your website.

By the way in the description below you will find templates for quora clone. It will help you organize all these ways. I’M talking about. It’S free templates, just get it from the description. Use it completely.

Free The fourth step Go to a site called This site allows you to find forums and communities in your niche. As an example, here go to the categories, let’s say you’re talking about cooking, Then this site will share with you all the forums in the culinary field. So you open this forum and start interacting in this forum And get visitors from this forum.

We have a rule on all forums, Don’t send randomly and give value Interact with people. Then you can participate and put a link to your website And by the way, if you don’t know, we have a forum You can go to You can see we have about 40,000 members today, More than 73,000 posts. You can go now and join If you are into digital marketing and online business.

You can join us here As a gift for you. When you reach the third level, you will be able to share links in the forum, So you can get a free backlink from H-educate And get traffic from my main website. Today. It gets 270,000 views per month And if you see my plan for 2022 This year, I plan to reach 750,000 visits per month. So I will give you this chance: Go get visits from my forum But do not send randomly.

Number five. Facebook

We have strict supervision Step. Number five. Facebook Com, I know everyone here knows facebook. What you need to do in facebook is to create a page. As you can see here.

I have an H-educate page, So I will now go to and create a page for embounce Just go here to your account. Click here and create a page Set a name for the page and that’s how I’ll do this offline And I don’t want to waste your time now. It’S fairly easy, Create a page so that your Facebook page can also grow with your blog And, most importantly, go here and create a group. A group is a place where people can talk together and interact together. If you follow me, you know in my groups here I have email marketing training set Today we have 4000 members, So build a group and try to develop and grow it with your blog as well Later.

You can use it to share any post on facebook As a little tip whenever you want to share something, don’t just paste. The link like this Always go and write some text in the post Explain what this post is about. Why? Simply? Because a lot of people will also search facebook for things, So you may be able to appear in search results And it grows naturally within facebook, So create a facebook page and facebook group related to your online business.

Number: sfrom twitter

So you can share your content later in these two places Step number: six I also think you know twitter If you don’t have an account, go now and create an account on twitter And when you make a post go here and share it on Twitter Use. Some hashtags related to your specialty Paste links, interact and get traffic  sometimes a great place for some topics and niches To get and blow up your hit counter.

Believe me, this happens on twitter because we have a lot of popular hashtags, that you can use, etc. So also create a Twitter account Share your content there And, by the way, in my case, I use a tool called Content Studio. This tool allows me to publish my content on social media with a single click. Let’S see how it’s done, Of course. Now you don’t need to use any paid tools, You can do it manually, But just keep that in mind later you can use similar tools Like content, studio like buffer, etc.

Free traffic exchange. Get mobile, organic and social media visits. Auto click links. Earn or purchase traffic. 4 billion visits exchanged since 2007.

Just click on social media. Here Then select Facebook, Page Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr Paste. The link or whatever you want and click publish Everything will be posted on social media. These tools are very important later on when you want to automate everything and when you grow your business, But for now we can do it manually Share on twitter, on tumblr, On facebook groups, on Facebook pages, etc. Never send randomly Just create some accounts and try to grow them using hashtags.


You will be successful. Believe me, We are building a business now in six to eight months, Don’t even think about sending to random groups, random forums etc. Just learn now and take notes And start doing it for an hour or two a day And believe me, you will succeed, just keep going Take some time and you will succeed Now. Let’S move on to step number eight, I think

If you don’t know, LinkedIn go to LinkedIn and create an account, It is a platform where you can share anything. You want. The cool thing about LinkedIn is that there is a place where you can write an article And upload it to Linkedin. In this way, you can benefit from the search results within Linkedin. If you go here to my profile And if you go here to my posts and activity Go here to articles You’ll, see I’ve posted entire articles like this one Full article on Linkedin, So people can find me on LinkedIn, And you can see this article is full Of links to my website This way I can get traffic to my website from LinkedIn.

Don’T worry about duplicate content, All you have to do is post And if you want a different version of the article, like a summary version, Put a link to your website. The idea is to develop awareness To help people learn about your content And they know about you, Don’t just think about how to get clicks Think Consciousness. Let people know about your content, then it will grow automatically So share your content on LinkedIn. Put a link to your website Share it as articles or posts Whenever you create a new piece of content on your website, So create and subscribe to LinkedIn and start sharing your content And grow your profile. I know I’m going pretty fast.

I don’t go into details Because every step requires maybe a whole video, and I will do my best to do it, But for now just take notes and start creating accounts. So you can follow up with us later Now. Go to Medium is also a great place to post your content.

You can see here. This is my blog on medium. Where do I post my articles And tell people about me on medium? I have about 270 followers, Not much, but I don’t focus much on medium, But I do my best to do it, Create a blog on medium and start sharing. Your articles here Put a link to your website, But as a small note on medium, don’t use links too often Just use one or two links inside your articles to link back to your site and that’s it The cool thing about medium.

You can see here. We have a lot of hits too About 175 million visits If you get 300 clicks per month. That would be great, Just think about it. If you get 100 visits from each of these platforms per month, You can reach 2000 visitors and, as a beginner, it’s a great start. This is how things will go and start growing.

It’S the snowball effect. You start small and grow big, So go to medium, And if you want, you can write a paraphrase or another version of your article. Smaller version of the article and published on medium medium also helps you reach people through search engines, Because medium ranks very high on Google, Then go to pinterest Com, What will you do on pinterest after you sign up, You will go here and create a pin. How do you create a pin? Let’S do an example together.

Go here to Canva is a great place to create any type of design. Click here to create a design and then find the Pinterest Pin. We will have this blank template. Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

The cool thing about canva is that we have hundreds of templates Depending on your specialty. You can search here or simply click anything. Now, Let’s say this is my pin. I will download it to my computer, Then I’ll go back to Pinterest and upload the image Download this image. Now you can add your address Just copy the address here and then paste it.

Then you can add a small description. Let’S say this is the article description Here inside Pinterest. Add some hashtags here in the description, Add alt text as “ email, validation” example. This will help search engines and Pinterest know what your pin is about and add a link. The cool thing about pinterest is that by default, it lets, you add, links So just copy and paste the link here and share.

That’S it. This way you are trying to appear in pinterest search results. Pinterest is a search engine. People will find you when they search for your content. Then we have instagram.

The cool thing about instagram is that it allows you to add a story with a link. Let’S say this is a story. Now We can add an animation link. Instagram changed this behavior in the latest update When you click on instagram to add a story: Let’s choose any story Now. If I click on the stickers, I don’t know if it will show up, We will have this link sticker, where you can add a link in instagram and spread it.

So you can also get traffic from instagram stories. Also, if you don’t have an instagram account, then create an account for your business. If you want business profile And start posting and sharing your content on Instagram To get some awareness and clicks from instagram, I know you might be thinking now that this is a lot of work to do. Maybe when you do it a few times, it will be very easy for you And then you’ll use some automation tools. Now, when I publish an article, it takes me about five to ten minutes to do everything.

Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

So don’t worry about this. You need some discipline to do the job to be successful. If you really want to grow online, then you need to take some time. It needs some hard work. So now, let’s move on to the next step, which is to use some services and website Like triberr, is one of the best websites for content, creator and bloggers There you can subscribe and share your content, Share your thoughts and interact with other bloggers And get some Awareness and visits The second service is :  Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

o. It’S hand-formatted content powered by AI. Well, we have, They have a free version here to get started with And we can test it if you like. You don’t have time now to delve into these services and explain them.

It requires a full video Go, do some research on these tools And if you find that you want to try it give it a try, scoop It and, We have other services and I will do my best to cover them in detail later in different videos. Then we have one of the main concepts that are important to get traffic. It is a content recycling, Let’s say here on our website. Traffic Explosion Method: Get 300K Visitors To Your Website

We have an article. What can we do with this article? The first thing you can do is convert it to a youtube video. If you go here to youtube, Let’s go over to my channel just to show you a real example. This is my channel to the videos And, let’s see what we have here Like this video here, “ Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without Promotion” It’s about two-tier commission programs.

So if you go to my blog again, you will see I have this article, Seven of the best 2-tier affiliate programs for digital marketers, So this article is somehow a recycled form of that video. So if you have a youtube channel, you can turn your videos into articles Or if you have a blog, you can convert your blog posts into youtube videos, So you can reach more people on youtube and get visitors from youtube. Believe me, YouTube is one of the best sources of traffic and growth online, So I really encourage you to go and start a youtube channel, And here on my channel, I have a lot of videos on how to create and grow a youtube channel. You can check it out in the description below Another type of recycling is creating short videos In youtube. You can also create short videos like 1 minute videos or maybe on tictok.

By the way I have a profile in tictok. If you like, you can also follow me there. Anyway, you can see. I have some short videos Where I recycle my main content youtube main clips And my main articles into short tictok videos. So this way I can also reach more people Different audience and get more awareness and get some visitors.

Another form of content, recycling or sharing is to create what we call a presentation. If you go to, You will see that this site gets about 104 million visits per month. Let’S log in to my account, You can see here I have a lot of presentations. I turn my articles and videos into presentations like this And post it on slideshare.

So I can also reach some people from Slideshare search results. All you have to do is: go and open the powerpoint. If you want to give it a try and create a small presentation based on your articles, You can take some notes and some pictures And go and post on slideshare, So you can get more hits too. Of course, add some links in the description and the presentation itself, So you can get some traffic and awareness too from slideshare. This is how we recycle some content And change the shape of the content, to a different shape On different platforms, to reach more people And reach a wider audience.

Please, if you learn something new, Enjoy this video and don’t forget to click the Like button Turn on notifications to get all new Again. I know this video is somehow condensed. We have a lot of details that need clarification. I’M available almost every day on Telegram to help you In the forum to help you. So please don’t forget to join us.

Ask your questions and I will do my best to help you And I promise in this series later that we’ll do it in practice. But I just posted this video now To take notes and get an idea of what we are going to do next To be prepared. So you can follow along with us properly See you later.


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