SYMYNELEC 2PCS Light Security Camera Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi, 1080P Smart Home Security Camera with Floodlight Night Vision Human Motion Detection Alarm Remote Access Indoor

Price: $39.99 - $33.99
(as of Feb 18,2023 06:15:03 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SYMYNELEC 355 Degree Pan/Tilt/Zoom Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz WiFi Indoor

Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz WiFi  Indoor Smart Cam Wireless 360 Lightbulb Safe Cam
Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz WiFi  Indoor Smart Cam Wireless 360 Lightbulb Safe Cam

Fast Installation Setup Easy to Use No Wiring Hassles Replace light bulbs Screw in Socket E26 E27

Replace your bulbs with our bulb security cameras

As easy as replacing a light bulb to install the camera, and set up via QR mode within 3 minutes.

SYMYNELEC 360 PTZ Security Bulb Camera WiFi Indoor Home Smart Cam Wireless Inside Room Garden

355°Pan, 120°Tilt, 4xZoom (Not cyclic 360 degrees)

You can easily control the angle of the bulb cam remotely from your phone. Fast response, No freeze.

1080P Full HD Panorama for Day and Night

See More Details

Capture more delicate details and vivid colors than others 1080p with sharp and crisp video.

IR Mode Color Night Vision Clear Day Dark

See Everything Clearly Even in the Dark

High-quality 4 IR lenses and 4 LEDs lights give you a clear B&W picture or a general color view.

1 Fast Installation & Setup 2 Capture Every Angle 3 1080P Live View 4 FHD Night Vision

Night Vision Two Way Talk Audio Indoor communicate door holiday party microphone online

Watch, Speak, Hear

Watch live video from anywhere and communicate instantly with the built-in mic and speakers.

Human body detection 355° Auto Motion Detection person Pet Garden

Smart Body Detection & Adjustable Sensitivity

With PIR motion sensor, cam can be set to detect human only, reducing unnecessary false alerts.

Works with Alexa Smart Home APP Assistant Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Just by voice-activated command, you can watch what happened outside on Alexa or Google devices.

Inside Outside Bulb Camera Elder Baby Pet IR LEDs Sensor Reset Talk Package Multiple Access

Access Anywhere, Live View Anytime

Live view anywhere and share with up to 12 families simultaneously via the FREE iCSee App/Laptop/PC.

Easy to Use Access View APP iPhone Android Pad Web PC Computer Tablet Watch See

Simple and Easy-to-understand APP Interface

No annoying ads. A single-minded focus on keeping your family safe.

1 Two-Way Audio 2 AI Human Motion Detection 3 Works with Smart Devices 4 Multiple Device Access 5 Easy to Use & Program

Local and Cloud Storage Recording View Footage anytime anywhere SD Card Record SIM Not included

Local and Cloud Storage

Micro SD card is not included. Camera uses encryption technology so no one else can access it.

Motion Tracking Moving Human filter detection No laggy freezes Live Sensitive

Motion Detection & Motion Tracking

Keep you alert with every potential danger at your home/garden/office or more.

Real-time Alert Motion Detection Motion Tracking Light up Auto Siren floodlight spotlight

Smart Siren / Smart Light-up

You can create linkages to deter and scare away unwelcome strangers and send you alert messages.

Monitoring Area Motion Detection Reduce false alarms

See What Really Matters

Reduce false alerts by detecting person movements within the customized motion zone.

Multiple Site Angle Location Like Rotating Living Room Bedroom Door Indoor

Create Angular Positions and Save Your Time

Set unique viewpoints and program your camera to keep an eye on each area at custom time intervals.

1 24/7 Video Recording 2 Real-time Alert 3 Versatile Linkage 4 Custom Security Zones 5 One Click to Reach Angles

iCSee APP Download Easy to Use Installation

Download Application

Download “iCSee” app from App Store or Google Play. Or scan the QR code on the user manual.

Screw the cam into the socket and power it up. Press the reset button for 10s until it beeps.

Screw, Power, Reset

Use the attached socket for testing. Screw into socket, power up, reset, connect the bulb camera.

Recognize QR Code

Recognize QR Code

Place the QR code auto generated by your phone in front of the bulb camera until bulb camera beeps.

Complete the connection

Connect Successfully

Bulb camera needs a strong WiFi signal, you need to place it as close to WiFi router as possible.

Screw in Light Bulb Scoket

Install, Complete

Screw it into the position you want. It will auto complete connection based on previous settings.

1 Download Application 2 Screw, Power, Reset 3 Recognize QR Code 4 Connect Successfully 5 Install, Complete

COMMON Questions & Answers

Q: Can’t turn on the power? The camera does not work? Indicator light not blinking?

A: Bulb cameras do not have batteries, you need to install into the light socket and power up the socket. When you power it on, wait a minute, bulb camera will rotate and self-test, indicating that it can work properly. Please be aware that the status light will not flash, this is normal.

Q: Won’t connect to internet/wifi/network?

A: 1.Please ensure that the bulb camera can be powered on and self-tested properly. 2.Please install it close to the router, the camera requires a strong WiFi signal. 3.Please ensure that your WiFi information is entered correctly. 4.Please reset the bulb camera, it will take longer to set up the first time.

Q: Why can’t my phone receive alert notifcations?

A: 1.Please make sure you have turned on the motion detection alert switch and set the appropriate alarm sensitivity. 2.Please make sure your phone system permissions allow our App’s to perform message push. 3.Please confrm to open the message push settings in the App, open the App, click Me→ Message Center, click the button in the upper right, enable notifcations. 4.Alarm interval 1-3-5 minutes, which means only one alarm can sound during the period.

Q: Micro SD memory card requirements?

A: 1.Only FAT32 format is supported. 2.Maximum memory capacity: 128GB. 3.Micro SD memory card size: 1.5 x 1.1 cm. 4.Micro SD card not included.

Q: Display offline?

A: 1.Confrm whether there is a power failure from the router or network disconnection, if so, it takes a while for the router to restore the network, check again after 2 minutes if the device is back online. 2.Ensure the router has been replaced or the WiFi name, password, etc. have been modifed, if so, the device needs to be removed and re-added. 3.Check whether the frmware is the latest version, App side check path: Home – click the device icon – click the top right button – check for updates. 4.If the device appears offline after using for a period of time, but after restarting the router or rewiring the device, the device is back to normal, it means that the router is overloaded due to long-term high load use, you need to replace a router with a stronger load capacity or reduce the number of devices connected to the router. 5.Remove the device from the app and then reset the bulb camera by inserting a long pin into the reset hole. Wait for the self-test to complete and then go to pair and connect the camera again.

What You Need is Here.

1080P FHD / 30 fps
1080P FHD / 30 fps
1080P FHD / 30 fps
2K 4MP FHD / 30 fps
Night Vision
33ft (10m)
33ft (10m)
33ft (10m)
60ft (20m)
5GHz WiFi Support
X (2.4GHz Only)
X (2.4GHz Only)
✓ (5GHz / 2.4GHz)
X (2.4GHz Only)
Storage Options
Cloud/Local Storage
Cloud/Local Storage
Cloud/Local Storage
Cloud/Local Storage
Micro SD Card
X Not Included
X Not Included
X Not Included
X Not Included
Waterproof Level
IP65 Waterproof
Compatible Socket
E26/E27 Bulb Socket
E26/E27 Bulb Socket
E26/E27 Bulb Socket
E26/E27 Bulb Socket
E26/E27 Bulb Socket
Rotation Angle
Pan:355° Tilt: 100°
Pan:355° Tilt: 120°
Pan:355° Tilt: 120°
Pan:355° Tilt: 120°
Pan:360° Tilt: 180°

💡【Wireless Connection & Easy Installation】- Screw the light security camera directly into your E26/E27 lamp base (110V-240V) as simple as installing a light lamp. Download the “iCSee” app from the App Store or Google Play and use it to program your security camera in 3 minutes. Security camera only supports 2.4GHz WiFi (Not 5GHz WiFi). The maximum WiFi signal reception range of the camera is 10 meters. Please install it as close to the WiFi router as possible.
💡【355° PTZ Motion Detection】- Automatically senses and the action in your indoor/outdoor in 355° PTZ technology. SYMYNELEC Security Cam has wide field of view – rotates 355° horizontally and 120° vertically. Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Light/Talk/Playback easily with the iCSee App, whenever and wherever. Please note: The maximum horizontal rotation angle of the light security camera is 355 degrees, not 360 degrees cyclically.
💡【Real-time Alert & 2-Way Talk】- Motion alerts will be sent to your device while you’re away to keep you informed of every potential danger at your home. You can work with peace of mind by Security Camera WiFi indoor, which allows you to keep in touch with your family or pets anywhere anytime with built-in speaker.
💡【1080P & Smart Night Vision】- 1080P HD light security camera provides clear picture even at night. Smart Night vision lets you see everything clearly even in the dark, and the lights turn on automatically when you are coming.
💡【Video Privacy Guarantee】- Video and Accounts are encrypted using a unique encryption technology to save video on micro SD card (SD Card not included) or Cloud. Even if your camera light security camera or SD card is stolen, the video files in the SD card can only be accessed in your own account. Maintain the security of your home and keep your data and privacy secure.

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