Sound Professionals Ultra-High Sensitivity mic with 39″ Cable for Court Reporters for Writers, Computer mic inputs and Digital recorders (Includes Clip and windscreen) – Made in USA

Price: $169.95
(as of Feb 09,2023 16:34:40 UTC – Details)

We are pleased to announce our newest high-powered microphone, specially designed for Court Reporters! The Sound Professionals court reporter ultra-high sensitivity Omnidirectional microphone is very small – roughly 1/2″ in diameter 1/2″ long. Because of it’s ultra-high sensitivity, the microphone will pick up all of the sounds in any size conference or courtroom very well. The actual distance will vary, depending on the amplifier power of the recording device, the room acoustics and the loudness of the sounds you are recording, but you can expect a usable pickup range of at least 50 feet. The microphone element is mounted in a high quality rugged black shell. The microphone cartridge is very rugged and hand crafted to give you many years of reliable, accurate recordings. The cable is terminated in a high quality male plug that plugs into all powered 3.5mm (1/8″) microphone inputs on Steno writers, digital recorders and standard computer microphone inputs. Important note on computer mic inputs – if your computer has a ‘combo’ input (that is used for a microphone and/or headphones in the same jack) instead of separate jacks for mic and headphones, you will need the optional computer adapter. If you are not going to use the mic with a computer, then you do not need the adapter.
Ultra-High Sensitivity for picking up all voices in small to large rooms with exceptional clarity
Can be used directly with recording device or computer that provides 1.5 to 12vdc “plug-in-power”
39″ cable

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