Smart Watch( Answer/Make Call), 1.32″ Color Touch Screen Smart Watches for Women Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate SpO2 Sleep Monitor,Calorie,Steps, Waterproof, Compatible Android iOS Phones(Pink)

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Product Description

Smart wach make answer callSmart wach make answer call

Smart Watch Answer / make calls


It assists almost all functions of the fitness tracker watch, such as daily steps / calories / distance / activity.

Health care such as sleep quality, BPM heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 blood oxygen, body temperature, female cycle, also you can see the DATA graph on the watch. (Data for reference ONLY, if you rely on daily blood pressure monitor, please choose a professional medical device)

Multi-functions such as message notifications, alarm, sedentary reminder, drink water reminder, music control, music player, camera control, weather, stopwatch, timer, find phone, find device, female cycle etc.

smartwatch with answer to calls

Multi functionMulti function

Warm Tips.

1.Smart watch data can’t use for medical purposes. The monitoring data is for reference only. If you need medical help, please contact a professional doctor.

2.If you use the charging adapter to charge, the recommended voltage is 5V. DON’T use over 5V/2A power adapter to charge it.

3. When using the watch for the first time, please charge it first to activate it. This watch usually needs to be charged once every 2-4 days. But different people has different use of alerts and calling minutes. If you have calling hours it may needs recharging every day, as mobile phone recharging everyday too.But rest assured, charging is very easy and fast!

4. The watch has message notifications, but the new messages will automatically overwrite the old ones, only the first 15 latest messages can be kept, and some APP messages cannot be displayed for reading, only notifications are displayed. If the watch is disconnected from the phone, the watch will not receive any messages or notifications of incoming calls.

5.For Android phones, background running permission for FitCloudPro app is a must , or else you may meet disconnect.

6.Full-day Heart Rate / Automatic Heart Rate should be setted from FitCloudPro app—Device—OTHERS—Full-day heart rate switch ON.

7.If the battery does not meet your expectation, please try to turn off features you does not need such as turn off Full-day heart rate, darken screen brightness, turn off App notifications etc. More alerts or calling hours may consume battery power faster.

8.Any faulty or technical questions please check out with us, always stay here with you within 8-12 hours response per week day, within 24 hours response on holiday.

Bluetooth Call Message NotificationBluetooth Call Message Notification

Smart watch with phone function:

This smart watch can make/receive/reject calls through the watch, has a built-in microphone, and supports HD sound quality.

Smart Watch Link DiagramSmart Watch Link Diagram

How to connect the watch to the phone:

1. Download the “FitCloudPro” app from Google Play /HuaWei Store/ APP Store.

2. The first time you use it, you need to register an account to log in. It is recommended to use an account to log in or a third-party login.(It can be used normally without registering an account, but after the watch is unbound from the mobile phone, if it is bound again, the data of the watch will not be saved)

3. Binding for the first bluetooth:

A. For iPhone—–Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth—Open “FitCloudPro” —- Device—Add Peripheral Now—–Search and bind devices “Y33” – Pair(Bluetooth Pairing Request)–Allow (Allow Y33 Receive Your iPhone Nitifications)– Bind Complete.

B.For Android Phones—-Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth—Open “FitCloudPro” —- Device—Add Device—Search and bind devices “Y33” —–Allow all permisions of “FitCloudPro” running in the background —Bind success

4. Bind the second bluetooth (Call function Bluetooth):

Swipe down the watch screen—Turn on Audio mode(A headphone-like logo in the lower right corner of the screen)—Enter and turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth—search and Click “Y33LE” —-Pairing Complete.

Custom Watch FaceCustom Watch Face

Custom watch face:

There are more than 170 watch faces in the FitCloudPro APP to choose from, and you can also use your favorite photos as watch faces to view at any time.

How to customize the watch face?

Open “FitCloudPro” APP —– device —– watch face —- click on the first watch face — click “+” — select your favorite photo as watch face. (or directly select the watch face in the APP as your watch face)

Heart Rate MonitorHeart Rate Monitor

Health assistant

Automatic sleep tracking: The smartwatch automatically monitors your sleep and analyzes your sleep quality with data such as deep/light sleep, sleep duration, and number of wakeups. They can help you develop good sleep habits.

Heart Rate Monitor: The fitness watch automatically monitors the heart rate in real time. Advanced heart rate sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring to help you better understand your health.

Menstrual cycle: Track your personal cycle and set reminders through the FitCloudPro APP to make you more concerned and concerned about your health.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————-

Music Controls: Music Controls help you play, pause or change songs quickly and easily without using your phone. You can also listen to music directly on the watch when Bluetooth audio is turned on.

Remote Camera: Just open the “FitCloudPro” app on your smartphone, find the camera shake function, and take pictures by shaking the smartwatch.

Time display: After the watch is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, you can check the time on the watch. Know the time and temperature ahead of time before leaving the house.

Sedentary Reminder: This fitness watch can help you stay in good shape by reminding you to relax from time to time according to your settings.

IP67 waterproof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, can be directly used in daily environment such as daily washing, shower (cold water). (Do not use it in hot tubs, saunas, hot springs and other environments with corrosive liquids and heat, do not dive with the watch, keep away from sea water, it will cause product failure.)

Smart watch SizeSmart watch Size

Frequent questions:

Q1: How to fix Bluetooth is disconnected or unavailable

Answer :1. Restart your watch and plug it back in

2. Restart the bluetooth of the mobile phone and reconnect it

3. Do not connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices at the same time

Q2: Why is the sleep data not accurate enough?

Answer :1. Sleep monitoring is used to simulate the natural state of falling asleep and getting up. When using this function, you need to wear the watch normally.

2. Wear it when you fall asleep too late or start to sleep, which could cause mistakes.

3. Sleep data is not tracked during the day and sleep tracking runs from 21:30 to 12:00 the next day.

Q3. Why are Android phones easy to disconnect?

Answer: The app must be running in the background so that the Bluetooth does not disconnect automatically. However, the memory management of the Android mobile phone system will forcibly deactivate the app. We have to manually turn off the power saving mode of the mobile phone system or add the app to the green system management background, so that the app is not forcibly shut down.

Q4. After charging for a period of time, the device continues to become unresponsive. For what reason?

Answer: When the device is not used for a long time, it will enter the low power state. Please use the mobile phone charger to charge for about half an hour to activate it.

Note: When charging, it is better to connect the mobile phone charging head. The current on the computer is too small and it may be difficult to charge when the charge is low.

For the most frequently asked questions, check the App [FAQ]

【Smart watch Make Answer Call & Smart Notification】Smart watches for women has a dial pad which allows you to make calls on your watch at any time, also can add your contacts and view your call history on the watch. It has mic speaker, Which allows you to answering calls on the watch in the various occasions.When you don’t have your phone handy, you can make and receive calls directly on your Bluetooth smartwatch.
【Calls SMS Message Notifications】Pink smart watch after once connected success and enable permissions in FitCloudPro App, You can receive incoming calls reminder, refuse calls or speak calls from watch, Also you can receive SMS and APP messages (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype,etc) you won’t miss any important information.
【360*360 px HD Rosolution & Custom Dial】Round Smart watch for women apply with 360*360pixel 1.32inch HD TFT touch screen,very sensitive to move with higher resolution. A large color touch screen gives you a luxurious visual experience.More than 170+ styles dial to choose, also can be customized to any background you like on FitCloudPro app.
【Activity Tracker with19 Sports Modes 】Fitness tracker watch for women records your daily activity, such as daily steps/calorie and miles,heart rate/sleep monitor,blood pressure,blood oxygen,female physiological cycle.This fitness watch supports 19 Sports modes, such as Walking/ Running/ Cycling/ Skipping/ Badminton etc. Additonal functions such as sedentary/drink reminder,weather and find watch,music control,remote camera, alarm, stopwatch etc.
【Compatibility & Customer Service】 Women’s smart watches for android waterproof are more compatible with smartphones and Android4.4, iOS 9.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Long standby time is about 30 days, while if in calling function it lasts 3-4days depending on personal use, it will last longer if less alerts. Feel free to contact us if need technical assistant or faulty replacement.We will answer and solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

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