Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox Controller, 4 Packs 1500mAh Rechargeable Controller Battery Pack for Xbox Series X/S/One X/S/Elite/Core Controllers, Charger Station for Xbox Controller Battery Pack

Price: $36.99 - $28.99
(as of Jan 31,2023 20:40:39 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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Premium Design

The cool LED displays remaining power and charging status. Just turn on the switch and charge.

3000 Cycle Charges

Exclusive Anti-Overcharge and VoltageBoost technologies combine to ensure the safety charge and use.

Recharge Your Way

Only needs power devices 5V/1.5A above, USB-C (input only) to recharge in 3-4 hours. USB-C cable included.


We noticed that some of users are claiming that the batteries don’t fit in Xbox controllers, but we can confirm that they do. Please read the pictures to know how they fit.

xbox battery pack xbox battery pack xbox battery pack

Specs of Xbox Charging Station

Charging station input voltage: 5V 1.5A.

Charging Voltage : 2.4V

Dimensions: 134.6X 68X 98.7mm / 5.3X 2.67X 3.88 in

Specs of Xbox Battery Packs

Charging current:≤370mAX4

Output voltage: DC 2.4V

Materials and Specifications: NAA, Ni-MH

Dimensions: 53.1 X29.4X 15.2mm / 2.1X 1.16X 0.6 in

Compare OIVO Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox Controllers Charging Speed 3-3.5 Hours 3-3.5 Hours 2.5 Hours 2.5 Hours 3-3.5 Hours LED Indicators Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Charging Type Type-C Cable Type-C Cable EXT Port EXT Port Type-C Cable With ON/OFF Switch Yes Yes No No Yes Battery Capacity 1500mAh 1200mAh 1300mAh 1300mAh 1200mAh Compatible with Xbox Series X|S/One S|X/ Elite Xbox Series X|S/One S|X/ Elite Xbox Series X|S/One S|X/ Elite Xbox Series X|S/One S|X/ Elite Xbox Series X|S/One S|X/ Elite

🔋【4 X 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs】4 X 1500 mAh OIVO Xbox rechargeable battery packs are specially designed for Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Xbox One S /Xbox One X/Elite/Core controller, Xbox battery charger allows 4 packs xbox batteries to be charged simultaneously or individually. swap out battery packs freely ,which can save your time to get more fun.
🔋【3000 Times Rechargeable for Xbox Battery Pack】OIVO Rechargeable Xbox controller battery pack for comes with 4pcs rechargeable batteries, Each Xbox battery pack lasted up to 3000 cycles, great choice to replace non-rechargeable aa batteries, charging station for Xbox controller battery pack can deliver long-lasting power with money-saving way.
🔋【Fast & Safe Charging for Xbox Controller Battery Pack】Charger station for the Xbox one controller battery pack only takes 3-3.5 hours to charge fully 4 pack Xbox rechargeable batteries. Each Xbox controller battery pack provides up to 20hrs gaming time, charger for xbox rechargeable battery pack has built-in smart short-circuit, over-charged, over-current, over-voltage and over-heated charge protection, no more worries about your battery packs for charging over-night ! (Input:DC 5V/1.5A)
🔋【Clear LED Indicators for Xbox Battery Charger】Light-weight and stylish design of charger station works for the Xbox one controller battery pack, it has a clear LED charging indicator, green-Fully charged/Standby, Red-Charging. The unique LED on the both sides of the charger station will be on while power on. You can turn on/off the switch to control the power on the charging station of Xbox controller battery pack.
🔋【Must-Have Xbox Accessories Kit】Charger station for Xbox one controller pack includes 4×1500mAh batteries for Xbox controller, 1 × Xbox rechargeable battery pack charger station., 1×2.6ft USB-C charging cable, 1 X user manual for Xbox 1 battery pack charger, OIVO rechargeable battery pack is widely compatible for Xbox Series X /Xbox Series S / Xbox One/ Xbox One S / Xbox One X/ Xbox One Elite controllers. This game accessories kit is the best gift for Xbox gamers.

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