PS5 Horizontal Stand with 3-Level Cooling Fans for Playstation 5 Console, PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand with PS5 Controller Charger, PS5 Cooling Station with Headset Holder and Screw, USB-C Cable…

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Product Description

ps5 cooling station with controller chargerps5 cooling station with controller charger

Upgraded PS5 Stand Horizontal Makes The Fans Work Efficiently And Lowers Noise

The new PS5 cooling stand optimizes airflow structure and the blade shape design of fans (The number of fan blades increases to 9) which can reduce input power and improve revolution per minute.

High speed with 4000RPM, the decibels are 42-45dB

Medium speed with 3700RPM, the decibels are 40-42dB

Low speed with 3400RPM, the decibels are 38-40dB

ps5 cooling stand with charging stationps5 cooling stand with charging station

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

ps5 cooling station with controller charger

Powerful and Quiet Fans

Cooling fans with 3 levels speed can cool the PS5 console effectively, suggest using the max gear in the game, and mudium and low gears in the standby.

Fast Charge

A bright LED indicator will show the charging status. Charging Lights on the front unlike the official version, it will be indicated with red & blue lights to show if they are charging or fully charged.

With A Custom Cable

Powered by the USB-C output of the PS5 console, which supply constant output current 5V/2.4A, supports charging and cooling at the same time.

Detachable & Removable Design

Easy to assemble and remove, you can decide whether to use the headset holder according to the height of your own scene.

ps5 cooling station with chargerps5 cooling station with charger

ps5 fanps5 fan

Your PS5 Controllers Is Still Charging And Your PS5 Console Keeps Cool Even If in Standby Mode

The normal and default option is that power will be supplied only for three hours after entering rest mode. In order to charge your controllers and cool your PS5 in rest mode, we recommend to turn on the supply power to USB ports always.

How to set it?

Enter “Setting”, Choose “System”Click “Power Saving”, then “Features Available in rest mode”Click “Supply power to USB Ports”, and choose “Always”

PS5 horizon cooling standPS5 horizon cooling stand

PS5 accessories stand playstation 5 accessoriesPS5 accessories stand playstation 5 accessories

❄️ 【Upgraded PS5 Cooling Fan for PS5 Console】PS5 horizontal stand features with 2 powerful fans that increase the PS5 fan blades to 9, which have improved revolution speed to 3 adjustable fan levels, respectively 4000RPM, 3700RPM, and 3400RPM while optimizing airflow structure. The blade shape design of the PS5 fan reduces input power but strongly dissipates hot air. Just press the button to control 3 level speeds, blowing wind into the intake of Play station 5 console and making the outlet heat cooling more efficiently.
❄️ 【2.0 H Fast Charging 2 PS5 Remotes】The supply of extra power accelerates current and voltage when charging the PS5 controller that is powered by PS5 console. Simply drop both PS5 controllers onto PS5 controller charging station to fully charge within 2 hours. Don’t worry about runing out of battery because you will always have 2 spare controllers for another round of gaming. If you like integrated design, our ps5 horizontal station is the must for PS5 docking station which is twice faster than the USB-C charging port.
❄️ 【Say Goodbye To Vertical Placement】Don’t have enough space or worry your pets will tip over the Playstaion five console? No worries, PS5 stand horizontal will stably store your PS5 accessories and keep all PS5 stuff organized. PS5 organizer staiton gets rid of messy gaming area, charges 2 PS5 controllers while cooling PS5 system with adjustable fan speeds via touch switch controls. If the height permits, it is convenient to store your PS5 headset with headset holder.
❄️ 【Easy to Install PS5 Disc & Digital Version】Just lock the left stand and the base of console with provided screw of which the foam pad is designed for PS5 digital version to put on the left stand. Then clamp the right stand to PS5 console and insert the headset holder. The special cable connects to the front of PS5 cooling station to get the power for 2 controllers. When installation is completed, just turn on PS5 console and start to use.
❄️ 【Stable Enough with Security Screw】PS5 cooling stand comes with a safety screw to stabilize the PS5 while solving the wobble problem. PS5 horizontal cooling stand is equipped with non-slip pads on the bottom to avoid any accidental knock. The PS5 stand is for PS5 Disc & PS5 Digital Edition console of which the foam pad inside the package is for PS5 Digital Console. When placing our cooling station for PS5 console, it measures 19.3 inches by 11.4 inches and 6.7 inches tall when charging 2 PS5 controllers.

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