Monoprice LTM500 Large Multi-Pattern Tube Studio Condenser Microphone – Cardioid, Figure 8, and Omnidirectional W/ 6 Intermediate States with Full Size Shock Mount and Case – Stage Right

Price: $199.99 - $157.78
(as of Feb 03,2023 11:17:22 UTC – Details)

Tube condenser microphones have been around for decades, providing classic recordings with the timeless sonic character and warmth they’ve become known for. Until recently, these types of mics have been a costly investment and an impractical tool in any value-minded studio. The LTM500 exists to change the perception of recording microphones by being the most affordable and versatile tube condenser mic in its class and a superior choice to transistor-based mics at its price point. The huge sound of a classic tube condenser mic is now available, not just to professional recording engineers, but to all musicians, project studios, podcasters, and more.
Versatile Recording: Use the Cardioid polar pattern to record vocals, the Omnidirectional pattern to serve as a room mic for drums, or the Figure 8 pattern to record duets or in stereo.
Multi-pattern design: Switch between Cardioid, Figure 8, and Omnidirectional polar patterns, or any of the 6 intermediate states, to easily adapt to any sound source and room, while accessing an expanded palette of sonic color.
Professional features: Instantly adapt the microphone’s performance by using the low-cut filter to eliminate low frequency noise, such as room rumble, and the 10dB pad to deal with extreme sound pressure levels.
Large Capsule: The 34mm gold plated, double sided condenser capsule allows you to accurately record pristine vocals or capture an acoustic instrument’s quiet nuances, all without missing any detail from anywhere within the frequency range.
Complete Package: A full-sized shock mount and hard carrying case complete the LTM500’s professional package, equal to that of microphones at several times its price.

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