Amazing Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

Amazing Make Money with Canva Templates!

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One of the easiest ways to make money is by selling digital products online, specifically Canva templates! In this video I share with you how you can effortlessly make passive income by selling Canva templates on Etsy! This is a mix of business strategy and a Canva tutorial to help you learn how to use Canva more effectively and efficiently to make more money online! Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave a comment, like, and subscribe if this video was helpful! 😀
Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Passive Income Selling Digital Products Online Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

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Make Money with Canva Templates!

This is probably the easiest way to not just make money online but make passive income online. I set up a secret etsy shop and i was able to make over one thousand dollars within my first 30 days of opening up my shop, and i followed all of the steps that i’m going to tell you about today in this video [ Music ]. What’S up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is alyssa, and this channel is all about starting and growing your digital product business and making passive income online if you’re interested in that, then definitely consider subscribing. So today, in this video we’re going to talk about an easy way to make passive income online, and that is through selling templates that you can create on canva now. The reason why this is so easy is, for a few reasons, number one is you’re using canvas already pre-made templates as a starting point to build your own.

So, even if you’re not super creative or you don’t think you are – and you don’t have any prior design skills using their templates as a jumping off point can really help. You create awesome templates from day. One number two is that canva has a ton of elements and a ton of features to make your templates really shine, and it’s a really intuitive program for beginner designers and advanced designers. So you really do have all of the tools in one place and putting in the effort to create one. Template can really go a long way because of various features within canva. Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

That makes it super easy. For example, once you design a template, you can go to the style feature in canva and you can pick out a color palette that is appealing to you and you can click shuffle and it will literally change the color palette. You have to a different color palette. Also, you can change the fonts the same way boom within seconds. You have a brand new template pack, so you just duplicated your efforts in about two seconds.

The third reason is because templates are things that people are actually searching for to purchase. So it’s not like you need an audience first, you can literally have zero audience and sell your templates as long as your offer is good, but we’re gon na talk about all of this and more in the video. So, let’s just jump into the easiest way to make money online selling digital products – let’s just get into canva and let’s see what templates they have available already. So we’re going to use these templates as the jumping off point to create our templates, so just hit templates and start browsing and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. So you can just search through these categories.

A COMPLETE GUIDE: Canva Template Tutorial: How to Sell Canva Templates

Up top so presentation, templates, social media templates, video templates, etc. Now one thing i really suggest is that you pick a template that can help a niche that you are familiar with or that you’re a part of. So the reason why i suggest this is because it’s going to make it a lot easier to make a better offer if you have experience with that niche. So if you’re an avid pinner, then maybe you want to consider creating pinterest pin templates. If you have a youtube channel, maybe you want to create youtube thumbnails if you post on instagram a lot, maybe you want to create instagram feed posts or story posts so, like i said it’s just going to make it a lot easier to make your product be A better template than what they can find for free on canva.

So let’s just say that you have decided to create instagram templates and you are in the beauty niche. If you guys are serious about creating digital products for sale, then you might want to join my free three-day challenge. Basically, i’m gon na help. You discover your niche, i’m gon na help. You find the profitable product that you should create and i’m gon na help. Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

You map out your offer, so it’s guaranteed to sell it’s completely free, it’s three days and we’re starting june 7th. So, if you’re interested in that definitely go to the link below this video and sign up for the three free day challenge, i hope to see you there. If you want that organic traffic or you don’t have an audience yet we are going to use etsy to host our digital product, because etsy already has a built-in audience and we’re going to use marmalade to make sure that people are actually searching for the template. That you’re thinking of creating so you’re going to type in the broad keyword of your template just to make sure that people are searching for it. So it’s saying that there are 494 monthly searches for this keyword term instagram template and there are over 400 people on a monthly basis, engaging with listings that use this keyword.

Now. This tells me that, yes, people are definitely searching for instagram templates to purchase on etsy. Now i know that the competition is over 50 000, but we’re not going to worry about competition right now, because in the next step, we’re actually going to validate and make sure that your more niche product idea is actually selling successfully for other sellers. And that’s a good sign that we can also be successful in this space as well. So now, i’m going to type in my more niche keyword for my instagram template.

Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

Easiest Way to Make Money Online with Canva Templates

Okay. So, let’s take a look at this best seller now in order to see if this seller is actually making a good amount of sales, we’re going to scroll down to the review section and we’re going to sort this listing by newest now, what we’re going to do Is just count how many reviews were left for the past two months, let’s say so. There were one two three four reviews left in the past two months now i created this profit, predictor calculator you put in the amount of reviews, the price of the product, and then it’s going to tell you on average how many sales this person could have made And the range of how much they could have made in that time period, so four reviews were left, the price is 14, so that tells us that, on the low end 40 sales were made in two months and on the high end, 200 sales were made and It tells us that she could have made anywhere from five hundred and sixty dollars to twenty eight hundred dollars on this listing over the past two months, so the average is one thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. So if you take this number and you divide it by two on average every month, the seller makes eight hundred and forty dollars on this one template pack, which is definitely possible, definitely doable because i sell instagram templates on my secret etsy shop and i’ve made over A thousand dollars the first month that i open my shop, so this is very doable and very likely, and this is just on that one listing, so you can imagine how quickly you can actually scale your etsy shop and your revenue also, if you do decide to Join the free three-day challenge, you’re going to get a copy of the profit predictor calculator and we’re going to go more in depth on how to pick your best digital product. So don’t forget to sign up for the free challenge in the link below now. Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

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You might be asking yourself: how can i stand out from the competition while you’re looking at people’s listings in your similar niche you’re, going to also think to yourself? How can you make yours better? What can you add to your product that wouldn’t take too much time or effort on your side, but from a consumer would look like a big bonus. So, for example, you can resize your templates, so let’s say you have instagram posts that are 1080 by 1080 That’S the average and normal size of an instagram feed post, but can you resize your instagram posts and make them 1080 by 1920? That would be an instagram story template.

So all you had to do was resize it and shift some of the elements around. But now you have increased the amount of value on your listing, even though it didn’t take too much effort for you. Maybe you can create a product that goes well with it, and then you can bundle them to increase the value. So if you’re creating youtube channel art, for example, can you resize it and also create a youtube thumbnail template by just repositioning some of the elements? So now you have a completely different product, but again it didn’t take that much effort, because you just resized it and now you’re, just repositioning some of the things you can bundle these you can keep them separate. Make Money with Canva Templates! The Easiest Way to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

You can do both now we’re going to talk about that changing color and font style hack, because this is a really awesome way to completely change your product and change the whole aesthetics of it. But at the same time, you’re offering something that looks like a different product and it’s going to attract different people to your listings. Okay, so you have your product idea, you know people are searching for it. You know people are selling it successfully and you are brainstorming to think about what you can put in this product to make it even better. So your question might be okay.

How do i get the ball rolling, because i’m gon na have zero sales, zero reviews on this shop? Launching so launching is a great way to get an influx of eyeballs on your shop and the way i would suggest doing it is to run a grand opening, sale and discount your items significantly so 30 to 50 off. Just to start getting those conversions etsy likes listings that convert, i was able to take my digital product and make it a bestseller within 30 days of launching it, because i had an influx of sales so having a big grand, opening, sale will really help, and also, If you have the budget, you can also run ads. So ads will get your listings visible quicker than if you just relied on organic etsy traffic and seo so run some ads. If you have the budget and then after a couple of days, just make sure that you’re profiting on your ad budget and if you’re not you, can turn off some of those ads and keep the ones on that are actually profiting.

So that’s really quickly how i would do a launch, but in future videos i am going to share with you my etsy ad strategy and my grand opening sales strategy. So if you’re interested in seeing that definitely subscribe to the channel. So you don’t miss those videos and don’t forget. There’S the free three day challenge that i’m gon na link down below we’re starting june 7th you’re gon na figure out your most profitable product and map out your irresistible offer so you’re guaranteed to succeed on etsy.


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