How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

Best Free Traffic Sources to get visitors on Autopilot

In this video, I want to show you my top 7 sources of free traffic and how to get traffic to your website fast and free.

As a website or blog owner, the most important factor of your success, will be “How many visitors you get”, because with no web traffic, simply nobody will read your posts, nobody will buy your services…so let’s see together How To Get Traffic To Your Website!

in this video, will show you how to get free website traffic from Quora like a professional following my 8 Secret Quora Tips and best practices to get free traffic and promote your services and affiliate links.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Top 7 Free and Fast Traffic sources)

How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

319,000 content views and 37,000 this month and Yesterday one of my friends contacted me – He sent me this. He told me that he was struggling to earn $ 100 from 2016, but now he’s got $ 300 because My video is about getting more visitors from Quora. He asked me to tell people to work at Quora And here is a screenshot. He sent me about his earnings, I’m really happy for you friend. So if you come back here to my quora stats, You’ll see I’m getting hundreds of thousands of views Views every day for free from quora in this video. How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

I want to share with you my awesome advice, my secret advice. How exactly do I work on quora to get taffic to my website to promote me, My services and promotion affiliate links for that This video is really intresting. It is one of the best videos If you want to get traffic for free To work in affiliate marketing. For free To promote your services for free, please do not miss any tip. This video is very important, so stay tuned Tip.

1 is a question The research now before we get started in just 30 seconds for beginners, Not knowing what quora is simply quora is the no 1 platform All over the world for questions and answers, And people here ask questions and you can ask questions And answer The questions, how do you get traffic are answered? Simply You can put links to your website into your articles To whatever you want through your answers. Of course, we did not By repeating the messages. Please follow step by step in this Video to make the most of quora. You get thousands of free views from almost quora visitors From the first couple of days, so here we are, and this is quora and this is main screen. How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

So the first tip is a question Research. What do I mean by this? You have to plan your answer. For example, your answers. If you are answering questions related to Affiliate Marketing, I’m going here to write, Affiliate, Marketing And search for this keyword.

Now it will give you quora all Questions related to affiliate marketing. You can see how many people are following this questions. So whenever you answer this question, This number of followers may see your answers If they are engaging in quora. So this is very important. You can answer questions with a large number of followers to get direct reviews of your answers. How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

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So searching for a question, Keep in mind two things. The number one is to mix between High follower questions and new questions. You go here by time and then you go like in the past And filtered by past day or maybe past week, So you can get the latest questions In this topic. So you can see this person submitted this question like a couple of days ago. So if you answered this question now you have a higher chance of seeing your answer by Other people.

How to Get Free Traffic From Quora

So two tips in researching the question find questions With a large number of followers And look for the most recent questions to answer. Well, then, you will need to create an example question list: Let’s go back to all the times and you can see here How I start with affiliate marketing. If you open up this question, You will see this now open this. You will see a like 100 people answer these questions and you can see that is my answer For this question. What you have to look for so in Related Questions, section, Here’s!

What Affiliate Marketing Is, How Do I Earn With Affiliate Marketing? You can see all these questions Almost the same. We can answer the same questions here. We can go to the second tip. So after you do your research From the question picks up the list of questions You want to answer it.

You go and create the answer templates. If you go here to my google docs, you will see here. I have Youtube answers here. Youtube answers. I have a lot Sorry go down here.How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

I have a lot of answer: templates, Affiliate Marketing Answers, etc. Email Marketing Answers. Thus I create answer templates for a couple of questions as an example, I chose this question this one this one, this one, i create the Answer Template, so this will make very easy to answer any question. I just copy paste and change it a little bit in my answers, And I can answer almost every day like five to ten questions Within 10 or 15 minutes. This is very important, So number one question research pick up your questions Then create answer templates.

Well, you can use google docs, I use too A tool called Routing to organize everything here. It’S up to you. You can use Microsoft Word whatever it is. The app you want may be notepad anything you want, but I prefer docs google, because it is online and you can format your answers. See.

So I prefer google docs, because it is fairly simple that only you can Copy the answer go to quora and paste it To answer questions so here’s our second tip, The third tip, is to check for ranking question On google. What is this, if you go now as an example here Open a new tab and search for this question? How do I get started with affiliate marketing search for it on google? How To Get Free Traffic From Quora [8 Secret Tips] – 319K Views!

Let’S see And you’ll go down and check if quora is available here in top results, if it is not go and check for another question, etc. as an example, I will open a new tab and search this question. What payment gateway does Fiverr use? Just click enter and you can see the top search result On quora. So that’s a question on quora and if you answer that question And if people search for it on google you’ll also get free visitors from google to your answer in quora, that’s very important.


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