Get to know Every Way To Get Traffic To Your Website In 2022 | Step-by-Step

Learn How to Get Traffic to your website in 2022.

Everyone is so overwhelmed and confused with all the options of today. So, I am going to make it simple and break down some key ways to get traffic to your website. So if you run a business or brand then you make sure you watch all of this.  Get to know Every Way To Get Traffic To Your Website In 2022 Step-by-Step



I am going to show you the traffic-generating system that is currently driving over 180,000 people to my website every single month.

And it’s so much traffic that Alexa ranks our website in the Top 15,000 of all sites globally!

And to prove to you that this is not just beginner’s luck, we created a separate business, LYFE Accounting, and that website is already getting 5,000 hits per month.

The best part about all of this traffic is that most of it is completely free and organic.

That’s why today, I’m motivated to share with you every way possible to generate traffic to your website, including organic traffic and paid traffic.


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Today, i’m going to show you every way possible to get traffic to your website. I am going to show you the traffic generating system that is currently driving over 180 000 people to my website every single month and there’s so much traffic that alexa ranks our website. In the top 15 000 of all websites globally, and to prove to you that this is not just beginner’s luck, we created a separate business life accounting and that website is already generating 5 000 hits per month and the best part about all this traffic is that Most of it is completely free and organic. That’S why today, i’m motivated to share with you every way possible to generate traffic to your website, including organic and paid traffic.  hey everyone sherman here at life, marketing your favorite agency for small business marketing.

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If you’re new to our channel, then you definitely want to hit that subscribe button below, so you don’t miss out on any content that can help. You grow your business, alright, so let’s go ahead and cut the intro talk and talk traffic instead. Here is every way to get traffic to your website. If we look at google analytics, we will find that there are seven or eight major channel groups that traffic comes from social media referral sites paid, search, organic search, email display, indirect traffic on the absolute highest level. This is every way you can get traffic to your website.

Of course, you can drill this down to specific websites which we’ll get into in just a moment, but in general, if you can just be exceptional at just one of these channels, you can get explosive traffic to your website. For example, our accounting youtube channel had over 89 000 views in just 28 days, which ended up resulting in a lot of traffic leads and customers for our business. So to help you figure this out for your business, let’s drill down into each of these major traffic channels and discuss how you can use these channels to get traffic to your website quickly and by the way. If any of this helps you, let me know by clicking the like button below alright number one social media, the fastest way to get traffic on social media is going to be through paid advertising. You can literally create an ad targeted and start driving traffic immediately to your website.

For example, we created some facebook ads for one of my clients and they drove 365 immediate clicks from facebook, which led to 152 sales and over 15 000 in revenue same thing for youtube. When we first started this channel, we paid for some youtube ads to gain immediate visibility to our content. Once we started gaining some subscribers, we dial back the youtube ads, and now we hardly run them at all. When you create any type of content on social media, you have to make sure people see it and the fastest way to do. This is always going to be through paid advertising and then eventually, there’s this snowball effect people you advertise to will start following you and sharing your content and even better your content might perform so well that it ranks inside of the social media platform that you’re publishing Within, for example, your content could show up on the discover page of instagram or as the top tweet on twitter.

How to Dreive Traffic to My Wesite

As these things start to happen, you can dial back on advertising and start to enjoy the organic side of social media, and once you achieve organic social media attraction, then your return on investment becomes even higher because now you’re no longer paying for traffic. However, the only way you can achieve organic growth is through creating valuable content. If you want to learn how to do this, then check out my video on marketing on social media, but in short, you need to create content that people see like and act on and when you’re just getting started on social media choose no more than two platforms. It’S better to do one or two platforms very well than to do five of them half-heartedly. We all know the top social media platforms like facebook, youtube, linkedin, instagram, pinterest and twitter. Get to know Every Way To Get Traffic To Your Website In 2022 Step-by-Step

So choose two of these platforms and give it everything you’ve got by the way. If you want an in-depth analysis of each social media platform to help you choose the best for your business, then watch my video on the best social media platforms for business all right. Let’S move on to the second major traffic channel number two referral sites, there’s much more to the internet than just social media. You can use referral sites to drive substantial traffic to your website, but wait what are referral sites? Referral sites are just sites that have referred visitors to your website by clicking a link.

For example, here’s a feature that inc magazine just did for us, which included a link to our website in it inc magazine, would be the referral website responsible for driving traffic to our website. Now for your business, you can start getting referral traffic from business directories, public forums and guest blogs. So let’s quickly discuss each of these business directories. You should start by making sure that you’re listed in major directories relevant to your business. For example, a restaurant might make sure that they’re listed on things like yelp and open table and contractors might make sure that they’re listed on home advisor angie’s list and thumbtack.

You should make a list of every place. Your customers might discover a business like yours and make sure you are present on those platforms. You can even take it a step further by sponsoring your listing to appear higher in these directories, which may result in even higher amounts of referral traffic. Alright, the next source of referral traffic is public forums. The next thing you can do to get referral traffic to your website is to participate in public forums.

For example, quora is a hot spot for referral traffic. You can highlight a specific industry and answer questions that people have that may be relevant to your business inside your responses, you can include helpful links like to a blog on your website, which might start resulting in a bunch of referral traffic, quora, reddit and even yahoo Answers are popular public forums, and these same strategies might also work on social media sites like facebook groups and linkedin groups and the last major source of referral traffic can come from guest posting. The third tactic you can implement to get referral traffic is to guest post. This is where you find popular blogs in your industry and offer to contribute to their blog for free. They get free content.


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