DICAVEY Phone case for iPhone14 Plus 6.7 in Super Slim Thin Ultra Light Wear Resistant Drop Protection Aramid Fiber Black Grey Twill Matte Bulletproof Material Crater Minimalist

Price: $38.99
(as of Feb 06,2023 15:38:46 UTC – Details)

Note: Aramid fiber (DuPont: Kevlar) is a new high-tech strong synthetic fiber, which is widely used in military protection, aerospace and other fields. It has excellent thermal stability, flame retardant, insulation, chemical stability, mechanical, radiation resistance and other properties. Features, designed a high-end customized mobile phone case that meets the needs of customers and the market, providing all-round protection and high-quality experience for the love machine, fashion, low-key, luxury, simplicity, both elegance and a sense of ceremony, the passage of time, the style is eternal, and the details are highlighted Sincerity.
【Craftsmanship】: Real machine 1:1 mold opening, precise hole position 3D laser cutting, chassis fit ≤ 0.00039in. as thin as 0.024in, as light as 0.022lb, Equivalent to the weight of 2 sheets of A4 paper. higher than the lens (0.0079in) Protect the lens.
【Product features】: Reinforced compressive structure, buffer impact, wear-resistant, drop-resistant, corrosion-resistant, strong anti-fingerprint, light weight, high toughness, metal-free, insulation, anti-leakage.
【Signal without shielding】: Complete penetration, does not affect any signal induction, fiber weaving, ventilation and heat dissipation, reducing electrical loss. Wired charging and wireless charging without hindrance.
【Maintenance】: Reserve openings for easy disassembly and assembly. The surface is sprayed with a lotus leaf oleophobic and hydrophobic touch layer, which is matte and does not fade when washed with water.

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