BOYA BY-PVM3000S Professional XLR Shotgun Microphone Kit with Short Hypercardioid Modular Capsule & Foam Windscreen

Price: $127.27
(as of Feb 02,2023 11:34:51 UTC – Details)

The Boya BY-PVM3000S is a professional supercardioid shotgun microphone kit. It features an integrated preamp and a short, 5.35” (13.6cm) capsule and is expandable with interchangeable capsule options (sold separately). The short capsule effectively rejects sound from the rear and sides, with a wider directional pick-up pattern (70-degrees). It is an ideal microphone for many professional video applications, like multi-person interviews, TV broadcasting, filmmaking, sound effect capture, Foley and so much more. BY-PVM3000S features a built-in low-cut filter switch on the preamplifier to cut out low frequency sounds that can be distracting, such as HVAC systems, wind noise, footsteps and traffic. It is powered by either 24 to 48 V phantom power or a single AA battery, allowing the BY-PVM3000S to be used with professional cameras, recorders and mixers, as well as DSLR mirrorless, and consumer cameras. Adding to the value is its extensive list of included accessories that come with the BY-PVM3000S. You get a professional shock mount to mount it on a boom pole, or on-camera, replacement bands for the shock mount, a foam windscreen for indoors, a furry windshield for outdoors, and a zippered pouch to carry it in. All of which make this microphone package a tremendous value.
48v Phantom or AA Powered Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone
5.35” (13.6cm) Interference Tube with a Wide Pick-Up and High Rear and Side Rejection
Includes: Shock Mount, Foam Windscreen, Fur Windshield, Zippered Pouch & More
Low-Cut Filter, Low Self-Noise Circuitry & Lightweight Aluminum Construction Ideal for Professional Video, Interviews, TV broadcasting, Filmmaking, Sound Effects & More
Ideal for Professional Video, Interviews, TV broadcasting, Filmmaking, Sound Effects & More

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