AZERON Cyborg Gaming Keypad – Programmable One Handed Gaming Keyboard for PC Gaming – with Analog Thumbstick and 29 Programmable Keys – 3D Printed Customized Keypad – for Righties (Galaxy Purple)

Price: $219.00
(as of Feb 01,2023 17:06:53 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Hand assembled keypadHand assembled keypad

lifting and tilting button towerslifting and tilting button towers

adjustable thumbstick positionadjustable thumbstick position

Adjustable palmrest height for the keypadAdjustable palmrest height for the keypad

Adjust the distance of the tower angleAdjust the distance of the tower angle

Adjust the tower distance for each button towerAdjust the tower distance for each button tower

Map keys in 2 clicks on Azeron Cyborg keypadMap keys in 2 clicks on Azeron Cyborg keypad

Advanced, adjustable analog thumbstick can be used as WASD on the analog stick or as 360° movement for games that support it. Adjust your preferred angle, dead zones, and sensitivity. Easy to use calibration tool. Has a mid-click too.
29 programmable keys can be set up as keyboard, controller, mouse buttons, or as Macro keyboard. Each button is connected to an individual input, there are no connection matrices.
Map your keys in 2 easy clicks. Create unlimited keybind profiles on your PC, and store 2 in on-board memory for quick switching. The gaming keypad is for left-hand usage (mouse on right hand) for right-handed people.
The next-generation Azeron keypad that raises the bar in gaming. Lightning fast response times, precise actions. Perfect for various genres, such as FPS, MOBA, RPG etc. All images are for illustration purposes only, there can be a slight difference of the color tones.

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