AeroBand PocketDrum 2 Plus Electric Air Drum Set Air Drum Sticks, Air Drum with Drumsticks, Pedals, Bluetooth and 8 Sounds, USB MIDI Function, Electronic Drum Set for Adults, Kids, Professionals, Gift

Price: $199.00 - $159.00
(as of Mar 31,2023 00:01:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description


What's the PocketDrum 2 PLUSWhat's the PocketDrum 2 PLUS

Foot PedalsFoot Pedals

Bluetooth AdapterBluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth AdapterBluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth AdapterBluetooth Adapter

Tone Adjustable

Built-in 8 professional drum sounds: Acoustic, Jazz, Electronic, Pop, Rock, etc. Choose your favorite sound.

Connect to Devices

Turn one the phone Bluetooth and Bluetooth adapter, pair to phone Bluetooth to the “AeroBand Audio.

Line in & Line out

Audio input: line in interface, which can be connected to an active microphone or input background music.Audio output: line out interface, supports connecting to wired headphones or connecting to speakers through a 3.5mm audio cable

Bluetooth AdapterBluetooth Adapter

Turn on all devicesTurn on all devices

Foot PedalsFoot Pedals

Calibrate DrumsticksCalibrate Drumsticks

Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the speaker or headphone.

Turn on all the of the devices.

New foot Pedals, support for Bass drum and Hi-Hit.

Calibrate Drumsticks at a 45 degree angle.

Product FeaturesProduct Features

What’s the PLUS Version Different?

Low Latency, Latency Less Than 6msThe Bluetooth Adapter Let Professional Drummers Free PlayNew Foot Pedal, More User Friendly Design, Lower LatencyConnect to Bluetooth Adapter, You Can Play Drums without APP, Which is More Convenient to UseProduct SpecificationDrumsticks Weight: 2.2 oz*2Drumsticks Size: 13.8*0.71 inesDrumsticks Battery capacity: 400mAh*2Foot Pedals Weight: 6.5 ozFoot Pedals Size: 3.2*3.6*0.4 inesFoot Pedals Battery capacity: 400mAhBluetooth Adapter Weight: 1 ozBluetooth Adapter Size: 2.4*1.3*0.6 inesBluetooth Adapter Battery capacity: 600mA

How to use PocketDrumWhat should I do if can’t connect my pocketDrum to AeroBand APP?> Please make sure that you are using the Bluetooth in the AeroBand app (not the Bluetooth in your device’s system).> If you are using a device with an Android system, you might need to turn on your GPS, but you can turn your GPS off after successfully linking your PocketDrum with the Aeroband app.> Please keep your PocketDrum as close to your device (the one downloaded with the AeroBand app) as possible.> You can exit the Aeroband app and re-enter it, if you tried the 3 steps above, but still cannot successful link your PocketDrum with the app.How to re-calibrate?> Hold the drumstick and position your forearm and the back of your hand at the same level;> Position the drumstick at the front of your belly;> Slightly tilt both drumsticks inside and meet the end points of the drumsticks at the 60o angel;> Press the power buttons at the same time.How to precisely hit the drum?> Please go through the instruction videos which are necessary for you to master the drumming skills of PocketDrum.> Please follow the calibration instructions in the app. You need to re-calibrate PocketDrum periodically, because different playing modes or long-time playing might render position recognition inaccuracies in PocketDrum.

【Compact and Portable Design】Play the pair of Pocketdrum 2 Plus indoor, outdoor, iin performance or in travel anytime and anywhere. Just need a speaker, headphone, or car stereo to make sound.
【For All Music Enthuisast】Great for all ages and levels of music, according to music teachers and professional drummers. Playfully practice and learn the air drum with AeroBand App or start right away.
【High-Quality 8 Sounds Changing】The electric drum set features perfect sound quality with 8 different styles, including ROCK, FUNK, and JAZZ. Play along with favorite bands via Bluetooth or record and enjoy or creat music via USB or Bluetooth MIDI.
【Optimized Algorithm and 50,000+ Users】The elecetric drum set for adults and kids makes learning drums be easier than real drums for beginners or professionals with the action data of 50,000+ users. Play the pocket drum well in a short time, regardless of your drumming experience.

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