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A process that, if you did it manually, you would see results almost immediately so in this video, i’m going to show you exactly where you’re going to be getting that traffic from so basically, it’s 38 of the percent of the population is powered from this traffic source And it’s true, the stats that is showing us and a similar web is that this is a very, very popular place, with a lot of traffic from a lot of countries, and mostly top tier and there are, there is content and traffic from there. That is basically untapped now the way that i would have brought traffic when i would start off with my website was basically head over to the wordpress reader, the wordpress.com reader and in this area, let’s say we’ll focus on the travel niche. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

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If i wanted to find more people looking for the travel in the travel niche, either content creators or visitors or anything like that, then i would go ahead and come to this area where it says, tags and i’ll enter a tag and put something like travel. Now. This will bring out content from other people that are in my niche and also followers of that niche. So what i would do is come and follow these blogs that you can see here and once i’m interacting with these blogs and websites that other people have put. I’M showing interest in this by maybe even saying, uh great content. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

Now our software does not does not place any comments but uh. If somebody saw my like uh that i clicked on like and they saw my profile, the way that i set it up through the traffic design method, is that they’ll be able to click on this profile and take you straight back to your own website. So this is my fiancee’s website, but we’re using as a demo, so you can see because we’ve been using traffic design from day one since she set it up. Now it’s been uh since november of 2018, when we set this up and we’ve been getting traffic consistently. After we’ve turned it on in november, this provided us a lot of a a lot of [ Music ] engagement with our websites, where they actually would engage with her post with the links um, they came from different countries, it the followers.


Every time she wrote an email people are reading those posts, and this has been all done through the traffic from wordpress reader, which helped push then into the search engines and getting her top tier country visits and plus a lot of clicks on her content, which means That, if you’re affiliated with any of the content with your links and they they’re being clicked on, then you’re gon na be seeing uh results as in conversions for offers that you’re promoting or your products that you’re selling. So it really is for anybody that wants to bring any kind of targeted traffic that will engage with the user through these types of engagement posts. You can see that she’s getting comments from all these people are on wordpress and there’s an engagement as you can see. Real people engaging with their website now i’ve done this for multiple sites for the past three years and using traffic sign has brought us tremendous traffic and now we’ve got it online.

So it’s really simple: once you sign up into your software account you’re gon na come over you’re gon na be adding the actual blog that you have so, let’s for the example purposes, it’s the travel blog that i created for my fiance, which is this one right Here – and you can see that it’s just as simple to connect um all we do is uh once we create the account, i’m gon na scroll down um and connect everything with if there’s training inside the traffic sign showing you once you connect all that three steps.

You’Ll be able to go ahead and click on approve and that’s it and once you’ve approved. Then you’ve got your site running and bringing you traffic on 24 7

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Now this automates the process by adding the tags, which is the keywords our software goes back and engages all finding keywords in all posts found inside the wordpress reader, anything that is created and you enter that keyword. It will show up right here where our software is doing it in the background, you don’t need to have it uh your pc on this is running on the background, and this is how traffic design brings you real organic traffic back to your websites on a day-to-day Basis, never ending it’s just an untapped traffic source that it really literally never ends. Okay, there’s always new people coming on uh the wordpress building new content, whatever content they build, it’s going to be found on here. I hope you enjoyed this quick demo of traffic zion and i’ll, see you in this video.

I want to do a review for you on a product that can get you a lot of traffic to your wordpress websites. Now this is a strategy that i’ve never thought of doing before and it does work. It is a very good strategy. I’Ve used it with other types of platforms, but using wordpress it works a little bit different, but what this is called is it’s called traffic zion and it’s from demetrius – and i really really like this guy he’s he’s an honest online marketer uh. He likes to create really good high quality products and maintain them, and they last for a long time and their products that he uses himself similar to the products that i release are the ones that i use myself too. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved


So i do recommend this product as well as the vendor demetrius himself, but what i want to do is show you how this product works. So this is a website that i built here recently last month based on survival, and i used my yt evolution theme to do this. It basically imported all these posts created this entire site, and when you do this, especially with a brand new site, it’s going to take a little while to start getting traffic, and so what traffic zion is is a way for you to start getting that traffic. Much faster from real people by tapping into wordpress itself, and i’m going to show you and explain to you how this works now below this video will be a link that will take you to my website, where you can get more details about traffic zion as well As the pricing, the upsells and even some bonuses, if you happen to buy it through my website, so here’s my website and what i want to do is start getting traffic to it. So now i’m going to give you an example of how i used to do this with youtube, and i i actually still do, but let’s just go ahead and jump into here into a video.

900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved
900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved


Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

So if we look at youtube, if you scroll down under every video you’re going to notice, there’s going to be the person’s author here or their youtube channel name – and i know i do myself – i i click on these all the time, because i want to learn More or know more about this channel about this person and basically what it does is it redirects me to their main channel where i can learn more about them, and, and so this is what this traffic zion software does, but it uses wordpress instead of youtube and What it does is, it automatically goes out and it finds websites that are based on the same topic as yours and it likes them. It interacts with them and then what people will do is they will scroll down and they’ll, see where you like them, and it will have you and it will have your name right here which they will be clicking on, so they can visit your site so you’re Getting a hundred percent real traffic from real people, so here’s how this works. Let me go ahead and close this. Let me go into the back end of my wordpress website extreme survival. Now i installed a plug-in here called jetpack and this is a very useful plug-in and you have to use this. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

If you have your own wordpress website, it is free, there’s no charge for it. They try to upsell you and stuff, but you don’t have to buy anything and i never do from jetpack. But if i go to it so this is the dashboard of jetpack and it’ll. It shows you, your stats, how many visitors you’ve had – and this is where you’re going to come in and you’re, going to connect your account that you have created through gravatar, which all this is included in the training. It’S it actually doesn’t take very long at all.

To do this and to set it all up and then the software does everything on its own. But if i was to come down here and click on view, more stats on wordpress.com, it’s going to take me to wordpress.wordpress Com own online dashboard, where i have control over my website here as well, because it connects directly to it, and this is free – and this just kind of gives you the same options that you have with your own wordpress website. You can see here.

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This is my website extremesurvival.net and then you, you got options here for like plans and billing. Don’T worry about none of this. You don’t need that, but you can come down here and manage your site just like you would, through your own wordpress dashboard. You can manage your uh, the people, the settings, the admins, your plugins designs.

You can come over here and add new post on your site directly from in here. If you want to. But what this does is this actually connects with all of the online wordpress.com websites. And so if you come up here and click on reader and if you were to come down here and see where this section is, it says tags and if you were to come in here and type in a new tag. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

Let’S just say. For example, i added one called prepping here: you can scroll down and it’s going to show you all these articles from different wordpress.com websites that are based around this same category. Now what traffic zion the software does? Is it automatically goes through all these tags?

That you add – and it goes through all these and it comes down and it will like them and favorite them, and so, when people hover over these, you can see where it has their names here, where they can click one. Let me just do this one. For example – and it takes you to all the posts on their website, you can visit their um their main website here, and so this is how this tool works is by getting traffic to your site from people finding you who are going through all these wordpress sites. Now you may think: well, there’s probably not much traffic on here and actually wordpress.com sites account for nearly 40 percent of online traffic.

900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved


So there are millions and millions of wordpress Com websites and people are in here every day, going through looking up these stuff uh checking out all these accounts by other people who they are who’s following them, and this is a very uh, unique way of getting traffic and it’s becoming really popular too. I’Ve seen this with a lot of different platforms. People do with instagram, twitter and others too, uh simply because it works. People like to learn more about other people and their websites, and so they just go through here and they click and follow them. So the software itself, let me jump over to it, there’s not much to it at all.

It is super easy, so all you have to do is click on, add account, you give it a name and that’s what i’ve done right here. I named my extreme survival and what it does is it automatically syncs up to your website that you’re logged into, and so once it does, that all you have to do is come over and click on tags and enter a list of tags that are based around Your website and then and it adds all the tags there, which you can see right here, and these are ones that i just added a few minutes ago and it doesn’t even run till tomorrow. But what it’ll do is it’ll go through and start liking. A lot of the posts or other websites that are based on the same topic and that people’s going to find my website through that, but that’s all this software does everything runs in the background. All you have to do is just enter your website, link it up and add your tags, and that’s it let it run and just let it go for several days. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

Several weeks come back in and check it out and you can go back into your dashboard. We’Ll go back to my site and you can come back to your stats and you can see your stats right here as they continue to grow and grow based upon all the traffic you’re getting from using traffic zion. So this is a really neat tool. It doesn’t take very long to set up if you’ve never used the wordpress.com websites before or they’re online dashboard that they have or set up a gravatar account.


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You will have to do that and that takes a few minutes, but it’s very easy. It’S all covered in the training. So if you create a new wordpress website, which i know a lot of you, who’ve purchased my products, that’s what i teach is how to create and set up wordpress websites. This is an amazing tool to have to start getting traffic to those sites much faster than you would uh any other way, especially if you’re waiting to try to rank for more competitive type keywords. So this is traffic zion below this video i’ll, put the links where you can check it out on my website and get the full details of the pricing, the other upsells and what they are, how much they cost and i’m going to throw in some bonuses. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

There, too, so if you guys happen to buy traffic zone through my link, you will also get those at no extra cost. So that’s it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you did please like this, video subscribe to my channel and if you got comments, leave them below thanks hi and welcome to the traffic zion cloud demo and in this demo, i’m going to show you how we’re going to be setting up traffic zion cloud to Drive unlimited targeted traffic back to your website, so once you get inside your account, you’re going to be signing in into your traffic sign cloud, we’re going to be adding an account. This is the first thing you’re going to be doing and we’re going to name this. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

The popper website, so i’m going to be putting my personal website on here so i’m going to create. Then i’m going to go ahead and scroll down. So i can activate my website this pops up after i’ve set up using the trip, the secret traffic loophole that i’m teaching you inside traffic zion so through the traffic zion method. You’Re gon na be able to get this working right off the bat right here. So once i’ve got that green button ready to go, i’m gon na go ahead and click on tags.

900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

I’M gon na put the keyword of my choice, which is for my blog. It’S affiliate marketing, i’m gon na click the little suggest button, because we also added this to help. You get more keywords: uh instantly without you really searching for them. So we’re cutting you a lot of time in half and now it’s ready to run what we’re gon na do. Next is just basically click on run and that’s it. 900000K Google Visitors Unlimited Traffic Generator Trafficzion Cloud Google Adsense Approved

We’Re gon na start getting traffic design to work for us and get us the right traffic where it’s going to be engaging with our blogs and posts and websites through the traffic secret loophole that i’m teaching you inside the members area for traffic zion cloud. All you have to do right now is sit back and watch the traffic come in within 24 hours, you’re gon na start seeing followers subscribers uh. If you’ve set up your website properly for monetization purposes, you could see clicks to your offers and commissions or generate some kind of passive income on the side if you’ve monetized it properly. If not, we’ve got training inside teaching you how you can monetize your websites, how you can build a website from scratch easily and effortlessly without any technical skills needed. Thank you for watching and i hope i’ll see you inside graphic design cloud.


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