2 Free Traffic Sources To Get Visitors On Autopilot

Get 2 free traffic sources that can put your website in front of millions of visitors. Also see how I got 30,000 visitors for free:

In this video, I’m going to show you how to Get Free Traffic on Autopilot to your website.

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2 Free Traffic Sources to get visitors on Autopilot


Hey mcmaneyprofitcopilot.com and today you will discover two traffic sources that can put your website in front of millions of people. Now the first traffic source is called twingly.com and listen both of these work in very similar ways. So they work like this, so you submit your website once just one time and then they send you traffic on autopilot. 2 Free Traffic Sources To Get Visitors On Autopilot

They work pretty well, so the first one is called twingly.com and how this works is. It feeds out to lots and lots. Hundreds of thousands of other sources on the internet, so let me show you something really interesting about this, because if we go down to status, let me show you how much content they are pulling from and then distributing around the internet. So it really makes sense to get your website featured here as well.

So if we go down to system metrics, look at this, the blog data insert volume. So, every minute, almost 900 posts are being indexed by this platform, so it makes logical sense to get you featured here too. Okay, because if we go have a look at the real-time data of what it’s distributing across the internet. If we scroll down to twingly globe check this out, so here we can see what’s happening all around the world. If i click show posts, it’s going to pull in all the content that it’s distributing around the internet and you can see that it is a global network.

So we have english. We have chinese mandarin. We have uh japanese, with turkish we’ve, got lots of different countries and languages being distributed, content from all these different countries and languages being distributed all around the world and check this out. If we zoom in here there, you can see. That’S me, so we zoom right in there that’s my location at the moment.

Okay, so how do we get featured on here? So how do we tap into all this traffic? Well, if we go to twingly.com, if we go to try for free, we don’t have to sign up for anything. We don’t have to pay for anything with this website.

So on the sign up page, are you a blogger, no need to sign up just submit your blog, so we click that and then we click through to ping. Twingley.Com, it’s going to take us to a very simple form and we just put in the website url, so i might put in profitcopilot.com and then make sure that we’re not a robot and make sure the capture is done right and then click ping. And it says, thanks for the ping, your work is over.

 Best Free Traffic Sources

Our systems will process your blog within a few minutes, and it’s that simple, it’s that straightforward. Okay, before we move on to the next one, let me tell you about a free traffic course that i’ve got for you i’ll, show you how i got over 30 000 website visitors every day for free when you go to profitcopilot.com traffic click. The link in the description – if you want to get that okay, let’s move on to the next one – it’s called smartnews.com and check out the traffic volume.

Free traffic exchange. Get mobile, organic and social media visits. Auto click links. Earn or purchase traffic. 4 billion visits exchanged since 2007.

It’S got almost 800 000 visits every month, it’s pretty massive! So how do we get featured on smart news? Well, let me show you a couple of different ways because, as we can see, it’s a massive website with lots of different sections, so we have entertainment, lifestyle, politics, sport, world business, tech. So let’s go to business. So, if you’re publishing on a frequent basis, there is a chance that you can get your content featured here, even though it’s not mainstream, they are pulling from smaller publishers and they’re, actively seeking smaller publishers as well.

So if we scroll down, we’ve got a couple of different options: we have company city directory now. This is very interesting. If we click on that, we can choose a whole bunch of different cities here and then get news from those specific areas. So you should, if you create content based in these areas and it’s relevant to your local area, perhaps say baltimore, then you should be able to get your content featured on here as well and listen if we click on this click on any of these links. It’S just pushing out to other websites, so they’re not featuring anything themselves, they’re, not hosting any content themselves, it’s all linking out to other people’s websites. 2 Free Traffic Sources To Get Visitors On Autopilot

So there we go. So you can see that if you have a high quality website and it’s it’s going to be relevant to a local area, that’s one way to use this platform. Let me show you another way, because if we go down to this partnerships section, if we click on publishers, they’re going to invite you to join their network and when we submit the website once then it will automatically pull from the feed. Now, there’s an algorithm at play here, so you want to make sure that you only submit websites of amazingly high value. Okay, so it’s going to have to have original content.

It’S probably going to have to be very timely as well, but they are looking for publishers. So if we scroll down it’s going to tell you exactly how the algorithm works, so it’s all about driving user engagement. So that’s why you really want to publish the best stuff here so take the time to read this and then, if you’re interested in learning more click tell us about your publication. It’S going to take you to an application form here. So let’s say i want to publish or submit profit copilot.

Now, i’m not really sure the content in on profit co-pilot is going to be relevant to this traffic source, but i’m going to leave it up to you to decide. If your website is right for this platform, i almost filled it in wrong. Okay, now to access your uh rss feed, it’s really easy! So if you’re running a wordpress website, you just put forward slash feed and that’s going to get to your rss feed. How many articles do you publish a week well, on average i might publish one or two and then what i recommend you do is fill in all of these. 2 Free Traffic Sources To Get Visitors On Autopilot

If you can, if you have a linkedin page, i’m just doing this for it for demo purposes when it comes to. How did you hear about smart news? Well, i’m just going to go with other or perhaps even word of mouth doesn’t really matter. I don’t think, and then click submit and now they’re going to review the application. And if your website is right for this publication, then it’s going to get featured and every time you update it’s going to appear somewhere on their website.

Now the important thing with digital marketing is, you have to be consistent, because when you are consistent, you can achieve amazing results. I mean look at matt. He has made over two million dollars with my traffic methods and if you want to know the secret and you are serious about growing a popular and profitable internet business, then of course you need more traffic because traffic equals money. So i will give you the traffic methods that i never share on youtube or anywhere else, and you can get them all for free when you go to profitcopilot Com, traffic click, the link in the description or the little thumbnail that’s about to pop up, and also, if you found this useful, give it a thumbs up below subscribe to the channel too hit that little notification bell. So you don’t miss out on any traffic updates from me and i will hopefully see you again in a couple of days.


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